Six ways to capture bookings year-round

Capturing bookings year-round is a key part of hosting a successful vacation rental and growing your business.

Whether by including thoughtful, versatile amenities — after all, 70% of travelers are willing to pay extra for properties that have their favorite amenities and services — or offering competitive rates, creating a great guest experience is key.*

Here are some tips to help you grow your listing and welcome more guests year-round:

1. Maximize holiday bookings

When you’re renting out your summer lake house during the winter holidays or your ski-friendly chalet during the summer, take advantage of the holidays. No matter the season, people need places to stay for their festivities — so consider special rates for holidays that occur during your off-season, and include holiday-friendly language in your listing.

You’ll also want to highlight holiday-centric amenities to capture bookings from travelers all year long, such as your large family room perfect for opening gifts or outdoor grilling area ideal for summer gatherings.

2. Focus on the guest experience, no matter what

While certain aspects of a property may change depending on the season, the guest experience should be consistently excellent year-round. To create a four-season rental that continually attracts travelers throughout the year, pay attention to the items that matter regardless of the season — and be sure to deliver on your promises, too. From thoughtful additions like a great coffee maker and a cozy lounge area to small updates like fresh paint and new linens, always keep your guest experience top of mind – and watch it pay off.

3. Offer competitive rates during all seasons

Maximize your rental earnings by setting competitive rates that attract seasonal travelers year-round — including rates for your market’s peak rental seasons, major holiday weeks, and during large local events that may attract out-of-towners.

If you’re wondering how to experiment with and optimize your rates, use MarketMaker™, our tool that delivers detailed market data to inform your rate decisions.

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4. Inspire guests to enjoy the season at your property

Travelers are often looking for places that offer unique, fun opportunities no matter the season — so capture those bookings by providing seasonal suggestions and language in your listing, and then follow through with your guest experience.

Whether you stock your rental with seasonal sports equipment, provide a Welcome Guide packed with local seasonal activities upon check-in, or focus on little details like extra blankets for movie nights in the winter and extra towels for pool days in the summer, small tweaks can make all the difference in creating a memorable guest experience.

5. Share photos of your property and the surrounding area in all seasons

To help travelers envision their stay at your property, update your photos regularly to showcase your property in different seasons. Highlight things like your pool and grill for summer guests, show off your cozy fireplace and holiday decor for winter travelers, and take photos of your porch seating area for spring vacationers. It’s also a good idea to pay extra attention to exterior and surrounding area photos — think balconies, pools, and nearby paths to hiking trails, ski slopes, or the beach.

6. Include seasonal-friendly amenities

A key piece of running a four-season rental is providing amenities that can be versatile for all seasons. When listing your amenities, use seasonal keywords and show travelers what your property offers depending on the time of year.

For instance, you can stand out to summer travelers by highlighting features like your outdoor grill, sparkling swimming pool, and ready-to-use kayaks. On the other hand, you can attract winter travelers by highlighting features like your heated bathroom floors, cozy fireplace, and proximity to ski trails.

Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at this vacation rental makeover courtesy of Vrbo and The Home Depot to see how some key amenity updates can make all the difference in your guest experience…no matter the season.


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