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Report | Q1 2023

See our latest first-party data on traveler behavior, top Vrbo destinations, and the rise of flexcations.

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To build on our Traveler Value Index 2023 research, which explored what consumers value while searching, booking, and traveling, we're using Expedia Group first-party data to help you understand traveler behavior across our sites. Our quarterly Traveler Insights Report digs into how travelers are searching and booking travel.

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Travelers plan ahead for 2023

Travelers are planning for their trips further out. In Q4, we saw a 20% quarter-over-quarter increase in the 180+ day search window.

Longer-haul destinations rise in popularity for vacation rentals

Domestic travel continues to drive the vacation rental category, but longer-haul destinations outside of travelers’ home regions rose in popularity in Q4 2022.

Flexcation on the rise

With flexible work options as the new norm for many professionals, our flight data shows that travelers are taking longer trips. Learn how you can attract valuable flexcation travelers through your listings and promotions.

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