Peek inside the Berkshires Home Makeover

Get inspiration from this vacation rental makeover — courtesy of Vrbo and The Home Depot.

Premier Hosts Rebecca and Pras wanted to maximize year-round bookings at their Berkshires lake house property. Vrbo teamed up with The Home Depot to make modern updates to key areas of their home, laying the groundwork for long-term revenue and the ultimate guest experience.

70% of travelers are willing to pay extra for properties that have their favorite amenities and services.

Expedia Group, What Travelers Want in 2021


Before and after of the entryway


Create a welcoming environment

From the moment guests step into your vacation rental, they should feel at home. In addition to a smooth check-in process, the entryway is your chance to create a positive first impression and immediately put guests at ease.

In the Berkshires home, attractive greenery, a nook for shoes and coats, and an inviting entry table create the perfect combination of style and function.


Set the mood


Before and after of the sauna


Attract guests with unique amenities

Think amenities are just icing on the cake? Think again: 70% of travelers are willing to pay extra for properties that offer their favorite amenities and services.*

Rebecca and Pras' property features a highly-coveted sauna just off the entryway, which they've equipped with towels and robes to entice guests to indulge in some rest and relaxation.


Show off amenities


Before and after of the kitchen and dining area


Cook up some guest experience magic

We know how important the kitchen and dining area are to travelers when booking a vacation rental — and full kitchens are included in over 1.5M of our Vrbo listings.**

To attract travelers again and again, it’s important to bring your best to the table with essential cooking tools and appliances. Pras and Rebecca's kitchen and dining area were updated with new appliances, functional furniture, and a crowd-pleasing waffle maker for weekend guests to enjoy.


Gear up for guests


Before and after of the living room


Create a space for togetherness

The living room is a major draw for guests, as it is a gathering space not offered by a typical hotel stay. Make sure there’s enough space for all guests to comfortably spend time together, with a functioning entertainment center and a few rainy-day activities.

Sometimes, the smallest updates can make a huge difference: in Rebecca and Pras' case, a fresh coat of paint and reconfiguring the layout vastly improved the feel of the living space.


Upgrade your space


Before and after of the bathroom


Conjure a self-care oasis

While the bathroom is a functional space, that doesn't mean you can't bring a personal touch to its design.

Easy updates can instantly freshen up the room and create a spa-like atmosphere. In the Berkshires home, simple updates to the wallpaper, mirror, and shower curtain come together to create a serene and fresh-feeling space.


Go clean and serene


Before and after of the bedroom


Encourage sweet dreams

Rest and relaxation: that's what vacation is all about. Deliver on that promise with a bedroom setup that's optimized for maximum comfort. In the Berkshires home, new lighting and bedding in the primary bedroom create a peaceful retreat after a fun day on the lake.


Update your bedrooms


Before and after of the outdoor patio


Heed the call of the great outdoors

Don’t underestimate the appeal of a great outdoor space: in 2022, “pool” was the number one searched Vrbo amenity across major markets.***

As a host, you can make a splash (pool or not!) by creating an inviting outdoor area for your guests to relax. Something as simple as swapping in new tables and chairs, as seen in Rebecca and Pras' space, can create a prime atmosphere for lounging.


Create a green oasis

Put your best foot forward

Are you showing off the best of your vacation rental to potential guests? Whether you've recently renovated or simply swapped in a new appliance, update your listing today to reflect all the amenities your property has to offer.


Update your property listing


Not a Vrbo host? List your property today.


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